What Our Clients Say


“I just wanted to tell you that I love the marketing description that you put on this house! It sounds irresistible and you have highlighted the property’s features very well. I also liked the historical context by adding the old photo of the mill which nicely bookends the description.”

Bill. 2012



“Just wanted you to know the funds have cleared into our account and offer one more “thank you” to you and Chuck. I well realize and appreciate the extra effort that went into making this happen. Truly professional realtors are, sadly, few and far between but I consider you firmly in that small group.”

Scott. 2012



“Just wanted to thank you for your help with my parents’ transition. As you know, these moves are sometimes hard, but your courtesies and attention to detail made this one pretty painless. I know they both appreciated the low pressure but helpful guidance in their navigating this major life change. Thank you very much.

David. 2012


Jolene, Anne and Brian,

We are extremely happy to be in the house. We now have friends constantly stopping by and my family will be here in two weeks for Mother’s Day. We are excited for them to see the house and happy we have enough room for them, kids and their dogs. Thank you again!

Richard. 2013


The Marchant Company,

“Working with the Marchant company was nothing short of a spectacular experience. We were in search of our first home together and with that came tremendous excitement. We envisioned a long term home spacious enough for our family and friends. Considering these goals, our team (Brian, Anne and Jolene) showed us multiple listings. They were extremely accommodating and flexible with our hectic schedules often working on nights and weekends.”

Richard & Elizabeth. 2013


March To SOLD team,

Thank you to this awesome team for selling our house! Y’all are awesome!!!!

Michelle. 2013


I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU for being “brave” enough to take the Cornerstone listing as none of the other Realtors I contacted were willing to do so. Being an out of state client/Realtor and declined, not once but twice, by Realtors whom I offered to give them a listing was very disappointing. As a Realtor I know very well how difficult it is to get a listing, and it just amazed me that those Realtors whom declined my listing did not want the business. My property manager even bailed out on me due to the status of the area and him not feeling confident enough to lease it, and yet you found me a buyer!!

Raja. 2013


I appreciate the way you handled the sale of my building. Your expert knowledge of the market is second to none. I will certainly recommend your real estate company to all my friends. Thanks,

Harold. 2013



Hope to find you well. You were right Lisa is on top of everything….

I sincerely believe the importance for a thank you to all the team at Marchant (Lisa McDowell too) for the rapidity of action. It is often forgotten. Hope to meet them again when I come visiting soon. Regards and enjoy your w-e.

Nicole 2013


On behalf of Valerie Miller –

Deciding to sell your home is an emotional decision! And everything that goes along with that process is emotional as well. When I finally decided to sell my home, my real estate agent Valerie Miller decided within a couple of days that the house needed to go on the market immediately, right before Thanksgiving. I, of course, went into a panic. She knew from experience that potential buyers would be looking during the holiday time period. She was right. To complicate my life further she insisted that pictures be taken immediately in time for an upcoming issue of Town Magazine. Again, her experience kicked in and she knew that getting in the right marketing pieces before the holidays would be important to getting the house sold. All of this took place within a couple of weeks. My head was spinning!

I say all of this because, she really did know everything that needed to be done from repairs, staging, and marketing and all while graciously pushing me. And she was always willing to listen as I complained about being pushed.

As agents requested to show the house, she was always there as well. I can tell you from experience, that is not always the case. I always felt comfortable knowing that she would make sure the house was treated with care during showings and that it was left properly afterwards. I have had many properties sold and handled by different real estate agents over the past years, but none handled with the confidence and professionalism that Valerie gave throughout the recent sale of my home.

I guess that I have to give her the most praise for constantly staying in touch with me about what was happening along the way, especially during offers. That’s the time when emotions really kick in. In my case, I had an appraisal come back that was nowhere near the value of the house. Valerie took the position that it was unacceptable and ordered another appraisal. I don’t think that I would have known to do that. I can honestly say that Valerie Miller and all of her associates at the Marchant Company went the extra mile for me and I am sure she would do the same for you. That’s just the kind of person she is.

Reggie Williams