Our History

Founding of The Marchant Company

The Marchant Company was founded by Seabrook Marchant in 1993 after working for another local real estate for 25 years. The company was initially involved just in new home sales and subdivision development. However, within a few years, the company expanded to include general brokerage and property management. Seabrook’s son, Brian joined the company in 1995 shortly after graduating from Wofford College and today serves as the company’s CFO and partner in Marchant Property Management,LLC.

Seabrook’s nephew, Tom joined the company in 2005 and today serves as Vice President for Advertising/Marketing. Seabrook’s wife, Anne joined the company in 2007. Today she serves as the company’s Business Manager as well as a partner in Marchant Property Management,LLC

Gordon D. Seay and Seabrook Marchant - 1995-1996

Milestones throughout the Company’s History

1. Founded in 1993—2 agents—Gordon Seay was one—-office in my home.

2. Initially the Company had one client—C. Richard Dobson Builders which was later purchased by

D. R. Horton Co.

3. Moved into East North Street office in 1994

4. Gordon Seay named Development Manager in 1995.

5. 1994-1995-begin representing other local builders and developers in Greenville

6. Brian joins company in 1995 and begins our property management business.

7. 1995-2000 the company begins to expand into the general brokerage business with the addition of several traditional agents.

8. 2002 acquired a lot on West Stone Ave. and begin construction of a new office building.

9. April 2003—completed move from East North Street office to new office on West Stone Ave.

Anne & Seabrook Marchant breaking ground on for the new office building 2003


10. Hunter Hughey joins the company in 2004 to handle property management.

11. 2005—-Gordon named Executive VP and General Manager. Brian named VP and CFO.

12. Tom Marchant joins the company in 2005 and later becomes VP for marketing.

13. Marchant Property Management, LLC formed in 2009 with Hunter as President/Partner.

14. Anne Marchant joins the company in 2007 after retiring from the Wyche Law Firm.

15. Seabrook Marchant awarded “Realtor Emeritus” status by National Association of Realtors signifying over 40 years as a Realtor.

16. Chuck Werner joins company in 2010 to focus on bank owned properties.

Brian, Seabrook & Anne Marchant, New building opening